Blue screen of death

For months now I’ve been getting the BSoD and now it’s happening so often I usually lose what I’m doing…I’ve tried doing a recovery but every way I try doesn’t work (says something about hard drive issues) and I don’t think my computer came with a disk..?

This is a hassle because I want to start adding new things for a portfolio but my computer crashes before my work can be saved- I’d rather not have to worry about saving every 3 minutes.

What I look for in a guy


  • Cool
  • Hot like a frozen sun
  • Young
  • Fast
  • The Chosen One
  • I want to date The American Dragon


why do people look like their art styles so much
they don’t look exactly like it
but you can look at a person then at their art then back at the person and be like “yes, this is definitely the person who drew this”

seriously i wonder why this is

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Why doesn’t the show have  a new ep every week like most shows!?